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Martha P
Amazing To anyone who has not experienced Rolfing you have no idea how good you will feel after a session. Gregg is extremely knowledgeable in targeting the area of pain or discomfort. Highly recommend all of his services.
Lee J
My pain Back , knees ,my whole body the whole experience is amazing,
90 min Ultra Service Thank you Sonia and Gregg for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the benefits of a 60 min wonderful massage and a 30 min therapeutic PEMF treatment.
Heidi P
AMAZING MASSAGE!! I recently had a massage with Greg. I loved it! The massage table was heated which I loved! The room was calming with music and glowing crystals. Greg was soft spoken, professional, courteous and made me feel calm and comfortable. The massage itself was absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend Greg at Bedford Bodyworks. One of the best massages I've ever had!!
Missy W
75 minute massage Excellent, felt physically better as I walked out the door
Maegan H
Relaxing and focused My massage was truly one of the best I've ever had and I've had them done around the world! So thankful for this business and my body is relieved! Greg is attentive to what I need and really knows what he's doing! Repeat customer :)
Alicia c
AAWESOME! Greg was so great with my ASD daughter, he actually let her come in for a tour before she started her treatments.He was patient and explained everything thoroughly and treated her with respect.I highly recommend Greg!
Amy S
Beyond helpful! Review of Gregg Guillemette Thank you so much Gregg for helping me along my journey to get my body repaired after my injury in February. The 10 week Rolfing series was beyond helpful to get things aligned and working properly. I appreciate the personalized treatment plan. I highly recommend you to anyone struggling with any pain anywhere!
Yvonne g
THANK YOU, Greg! It's unbelievable how you have healed my shoulder in 3-4 weeks! I have had this shoulder issue 3 times in the last 10-12 years and usually take months-year to be pain-free. I'm playing tennis and weight lifting again--truly a miracle!! Thank you.
Alisa L
Amazing I went in for my first PEMF treatment and have felt amazing ever since. Sara is super knowledgable. I trust her 100%!
Kathy H
Rolfing My visit was a great experience. I got relief at the end of my session. The pain went from an 8 to zero and lasted for 2 1/2 days. even though I have some pain now (5 days later)it is only around a 2 or 3.
Alisa L
As always, a great visit Greg is very informative and I always feel better after PEMF therapy.
Jeremy D
Massage Review Gregg’s combined use of new technology and trigger point therapy has greatly benefited my body’s overall function and mobility. While this isn’t a treatment for faint hearted, it’s afteraffects are second to none. I highly reccomend Gregg and his Rolfing technique because it has bettered me and it will better you.
Charlotte D
Shoulder pain I was so relieved that Gregg could treat my shoulders to relieve the pain I was experiencing while sleeping. I had to toss and turn every night to take the pressure off. Rolfing,PEMF and cupping took the tension out of both shoulder joints.
kim r
Fixed a sprained ankle! I went into seeeing Gregg, he applied Rolfing, did laser therapy, and pemf, prior to seeing him my ankle & foot were very bruised, sore, and swollen. The next day after therapy my foot felt lighter, far less pain, and bruises were gone. Thank you Gregg!
Patti H
Great help I have been going to Sara for PEMF treatments for pain and inflammation. She has worked her magic in reducing my pain and aiding in range o motion on my shoulder! Takes the time to explain what and why things are happening.
kim r
Extraordinary I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer almost 2 years ago. I’ve had brain surgery 3 times, did radiation, chemo, and immunotherapy at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Having one PEMF treatment has made a world of difference for me. I haven’t felt so energetic, clear headed, and happy since my diagnosis. I will continue with this treatment & look forward to see what it brings ! Thank you Gregg for recommending this to me, it’s a life changer!
Tina B
Great Body Work Wonderful rolfing session with Gregg. Kind and professional, highly recommend!
Scott H
Very Pleased Gregg is very professional and helpful. He listens well and I felt awesome after my session I highly recommend Bedford Bodyworks
Erika W
Grateful to have found healing here Bedford Bodyworks has been such a blessing in my life. The clinic director, Gregg is genuine and kind and gives you so much of his time. From my initial interaction with him I could tell he is very passionate about helping people feel better and truly cares about one’s healing process. I highly endorse his wonderful clinic which offers several holistic, natural approaches to health and wellness. After several treatments at Bedford Bodyworks I can honestly say that I am feeling better and the most hopeful I have ever been in getting healthy – in mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful to have connected with Bedford Bodyworks. I feel so grateful to have found healing here.
Rolfing I went to Gregg for a standard series of 10 Rolfing sessions. It is a great healing technique and Gregg is an amazing healer! My mobility has improved and I am generally pain-free. I highly recommend Bedford Bodyworks.
Annie D
Wonderful Rolfing Greg is great! He is a knowledgeable and talented rolfer. He also uses a variety of helpful methodologies in his sessions to further his work. I definitely recommend his services! ~Annie
A New Experience When you suffer with chronic pain, you try everything to feel better. Meeting Sara and being in her care gives me hope for a healthier future. Sara is eager to share her wisdom and explains her treatments simply and with passion. She has a kind heart and caring hands. I'm looking forward to this journey with her. Thank you Sara!
Donna N
Bedford Bodyworks Greg was able to pinpoint problem areas and work through them during my first session. I left feeling much better.
Tammie B
Detox Program OMG!! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled like myself with weight issues for over 30 years. Gregg has brought new joy, tons and tons of energy back into my life. The program itself is simple and effective. A huge Thank you and tons of gratitude.
david V
Great service Great service
Margaret B
Helpful I went to see Sara after months of suffering from muscle spasms, pain and sleeplessness after being rear ended. She is kind and compassionate and goes the extra mile at every visit. I am improving and love her encouragement and upbeat attitude.I do not feel as tense and she sees improvement in my muscle tension too. Her therapy is working for me.
Missy W
Massage Finds all my sore spots and I feel so relaxed and great especially the next day!
Denise F
So thankful that i found this place I am on a quest to live a healthier lifestyle. Finding Greg and Bedford Body works has been a wonderful gift that is helping me on this journey. They listen to me and are so supportive of me and my goals. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking to have a better quality of life to give them a call.
Very professional and helpful individualized treatment! Bulging disc in back. Having been stagnant with PT progress for a little while, I figured I would give Bedford Bodyworks a try. I am very satisfied with the treatment, knowledge and extremely individualized and thorough explanation of the body and treatment recommended. Gregg's knowledge and experience is amazing. Thank you!
Nice venue with innovative tools Gregg knows foot reflexology extremely well, and his knowledge and passion for innovative spa technology makes this place truly unique. His dog is a sweetheart too, and is the perfect lobby greeter! The place is very clean and comfortable.
MIchelle D
Pemf therapy Sara was great, I have had 1 session with her so far but she took the time to listen to me and explained everything thoroughly. She gave me hope that this treatment will work. I highly recommend her.
Rachelle n
PHENOMENAL!! This was my first message and I was not sure what to expect. Greg was great. He explained each step as well as the equipment he will be using. The message was amazing and I will defiantly be returning. This time for a longer message. If you are on the fence.... There in no need to hesitate. Go for it!
Margret M
Rolfing session The shoulders...the BIG problem and of course now things are really moving. Great!
Martha P
Services received at Bedford Bodyworks If you are experiencing any pain in your body due to stress or other medical issues I highly recommend calling Bedford Bodyworks and setting up a consultation. I know that I am on a journey to repair years of stress and abuse to my body but I have started and so glad that I was referred to Bedford Bodyworks. Knowledgeable staff and really caring to ease your suffering. Thank you
mark s
Very rewarding and informative session I left with a different and deeper understanding of my physical challenges. Gregg was able to pinpoint issues and shed more light on weakness that needs to be addressed. I hope to continue to clear blockage at my next appointment.
Sam F
Great experience! I went in for a ozone sauna session and it was a really relaxing and pleasant experience. Gregg is very friendly and knowledgeable- he explained how everything worked and made sure to check in with me throughout the session. I felt amazing and squeaky clean by the end of it and will definitely be back again!
5 stars Great!!!!great!!!!
Sarah M
best Recommend to everyone I know. Always kind and helpful.
best massage ever This was by far the best massage u have ever hadm
Alisha H
Best Massages Around! Gregg did a full body massage that was incredible. I had pulled my back out and came in and it was so good that I came back later in the week and tried cupping, rolfing, and PEMF which really did get rid of what acupuncture and chiropractors couldn't do. I will be back again soon and can't say enough about his wonderful armosphere, attention to needed pressure and ability level. Invredible massage at a reasonable price
Brian G
Excellent Sara does a wonderful job assisting with the entire body and takes her time.
Happy Athlete! Gregg is wonderful! The atmosphere is very inviting and the practice is very professional. I highly recommend trying PEMF. It allows for so much quicker recovery. The combination of various techniques that Gregg provides has this athlete's cranky muscles singing happy!
Charlotte D
Preventative medicine My treatments at Bedford Bodyworks has been helpful in that I have been able to avoid surgery and cartilage injections, and is much less expensive that medical doctors.
Margret M
Rolfing Doing very well after the session. Was never aware that my right foot was not flatly on the floor. In bed this a.m. I stretched out and positioned that foot up straight up. Could feel it all the way to the shoulder. Definitely more definition on that right side which improves my confidence that it won't collapse inward as it has been doing. Margaret
Stephanie C
Health coaching Review of Gregg Guillemette I have really enjoyed this program and have already noticed such a difference. I've lost 12 pounds and Gregg does a great job tying in the mind, body and all the things we need to be cognizant of to be truly healthy. I leave the office feeling both mentally and physically aligned.
Emilie C
Wonderful experience I enjoyed the foottopia massage I received from Greg. He opened my eyes to some wonderful techniques and I left there on cloud nine.
priscilla C
Massage My experience was nice and the focus on my feet as I had requested was greatly appreciated. Ty
James B
Relaxing and informational I went for a massage last minute and I'm very happy I did. Greg worked on my areas of pain/tightness and when finished I felt much better than when I went in. I have rescheduled to have another session with him and hopefully will make this a monthly thing to help me with muscle/tendon tightness and stress relief.
exceptional service very happy with my massage as always lilianne does a great job
John A
Great experience First visit with Greg at Bedford Bodyworks lot of information about body mechanics and great results from Rolfing session follow up appt already made.
Valerie C
Great Find!!!! Amazing massage by Gregg!!!!!! Go! You won't regret it!
John D
Bedford BodyWorks Review Outstanding Approach to Rolfing
jackson M
Love Sara!! Cannot say enough about Sara! She is extremely knowledgable and committed to doing her very best to help the body heal. She is just great to work with and I consider myself very luck to have her on my "team".
Massage I am very happy with the massage I have been getting with Liliane. I have been feeling much better that when I started.
Lori S
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Steve L
New Magnet review Feeling much better today. 75% less pain. Hopefully even better tomorrow!
Brian G
Great service! Sara is experienced, knowledgeable and helpful.
Satisfactory Will book again!
james a
Source Point I have found Source Point to be extremely beneficial both physically and psychologically .
Shannan B
Best decision I ever made I have a physically demanding job. For years I have struggled with tightness in my shoulders and neck. After must hesitation because I wasnt a fan of massage I decided to try Bedford Bodyworks after a friend in the business said she had heard great things. Once I began to see Gregg reguarly I knew I would never look back. He has helped to begin to reset the normal for my neck an shoulders using his preferred techniques. It alleviates pain and discomfort caused by my job as well as creates an environment where my muscles are learning where they "should be" I would highly recommend Bedford Bodyworks to anyone who has tried other sources of relief and muscle pain management. I am confident that the direction I took in trusting his techniques will continue to provide relief, relaxation and a sense of peace within my body's structure.
Denise L
Awesome! First time trying the Rolfing, I loved it, and felt much better after. Thanks Greg!
Bbest massage I had my second massage today at Bedford Bodyworks it was a great experience. It was one of the best massages I have had.
Kim T
Bedford Body Works I would like to recommend Bedford Body Works to anyone who is looking for either a relaxing massage or more of a therapeutic type of massage. Gregg is the utmost professional. Always concerned about his clients, he takes a lot of time understanding their needs before each session. I have been a client for well over 2 years and would recommend Bedford Bodyworks to everyone! Gregg is the master of his craft and continuously is attending classes to learn as much as he can to bring back to his clients. He is always willing to share that knowledge with me!
Anita B
Best massage I have ever had. I received a 60 minute structural balancing massage from Gregg. He took the time to sit down before the massage to listen to me and find out what I needed. The massage was very relaxing, yet somehow left my muscles feeling rejuvunated.
Jim A
bodywork I am very satisfied with the bodywork I have received from Gregg, he is extremely knowledgeable and professional.
Faith M
Consultation Visit I went in for a consultation and loved the atmosphere, Gregg was very professional, insightful and relate-able. He sent me home with some stretches to do at home and i'm looking forward to my first session!
Deep Tissue Massage Review of Gregg Guillemette I was very happy with my massage. I have never seen Gregg before so didn't know what to expect. It was the best massage I ever had also very professional.
Sandra G
excellent Excellent
Excellent massage! I loved getting my first massage at Bedford Bodyworks. The whole place was very pleasant, welcoming, and smelled great. Gregg was very thorough and I felt so much better the next day. Just make sure you leave a few extra minutes to get there if you are not familiar with the location, I got a little confused trying to find which building it was in.
Ashley M
good experience really nice environment, great service, good prices, gregg was very friendly and knowledgable!
sam c
Great Experience Not only was my massage relaxing, but Gregg was able to pinpoint areas that have been causing me lots of pain and discomfort. The rooms are clean and comfortable....great experience!
Janira p
great place Liliana is nice , she is very friendly and professional
Cheryl D
Great Place For Massage The team here makes you feel really comfortable. I tried out a mix of therapies and was very happy with my experience. I feel great and will return. This will be a trusted massage vendor for me!
amelia s
Gregg is amazing! Review of Gregg Guillemette I have had my share of good and not so good massages over the past 10 years. Gregg is, by far, the most experienced and knowledgeable therapist I have ever had work on me. His Rolfing skills are amazing! He understands how the body works as a structure. He is excellent at re-balancing the body and dramatically alter a person's posture and structure. He has resolved discomfort, released tension and alleviated pain for me. I can't thank him enough!
Sussan C
I love this place Gregg is the most professional, in tune with his clients, and educated in his field. He always listens to me, focuses on my symptoms and fixes my pains. The best.
Denise L
Love, love, love I leave there feeling great! Going back for more. Much better than a generic massage, Rolfing is the bomb!
Travis S
Massage It was a very good experience highly recommend to anyone looking for a great massage
Bruce B
Massage Been working with Gregg off and on for a few years. Every time I come in, I wish I could come more often! Great massage
massage I was very pleased with my massage. I felt great after.
Review I had a deep tissue message that was AWESOME!
james a
source point therapy I had source point today with Gregg, I thought it was a very powerful healing modality. I am experiencing increased ease of breath and fluidity of motion, I am very pleased with my session.
Sussan C
The most effective treatment. I fell on ice in December and have had a lot of problem with my right wrist. The pain, swelling, and lack of motion. Gregg, has fixed it in couple of sessions. Amazing!!!
Susan G
Trust in Lilliane. Review of Liliane Daves She is an outstanding professional in her field . I would highly recommend her services.
Galina S
Trust the process Review of Gregg Guillemette Although it was my first experience of rolfing, Gregg's explanation of the process and my personal experience of the change in my breathing helped me to trust the process and commit to it. Thank you, Galina
Excellent service Liliane is just wonderful in all aspects. She is an amazing professional that knows a lot about all the treatments that she offers. She is dedicated with her clients and treat everyone in a unique way. I'm very pleased to do all the treatments that I can with her! She is amazing!!
Kimberly M
Work trip stress reliever Review of Jeannine Wheeler After the stress of travel, I was having some serious neck issues. On a recommendation I scheduled an appointment with Jeannine. She was more than helpful. She had an extremely kind nature and was able to locate the source of my stress and pain and assist in relieving it. I left feeling so relaxed, and had no pain the next day. Thanks to Jeannine. The experience was wonderful.
Master of His Trade Gregg at Bedford Bodyworks gets it. From massage to Rolfing, he is a master of his trade who is very in tune with his clients' needs. I always leave in a better state than when I went in. Already looking forward to my next visit!
Christopher Baril
Personalized experience, uncompromising service I just completed another rolfing session with amazing results. The experience was entirely personalized for me. Gregg and I discovered that my sacrum was not moving to its full potential which may be causing discomfort in my shoulders. Gregg worked on this area, and I noticed immediate results upon walking (amazing!) and no shoulder pain. I was sent home with different stretches to improve fluidity. Look forward to coming back!
Lisa D
Fantastic experience It was my first time visiting Gregg at Bedf Bodyworks and from the moment you enter the door and smell the wonderful relaxing aromatherapy to every minute for a total of 90 to be exact it was perfect. I was so relaxed and my body felt fantastic.
cathy T
Rolfing by Gregg Before Gregg begins a rolfing session he conducts an extensive consulation to uncover your specific needs. I have had rolfing done before and I would refer Gregg over others. He takes his time and "feels" where you need the work done. I left feeling wonderful and will return for more body work.
Bob Jowdy
Rolfing Greg takes a scientific approach to administering pain, just kidding. I left his office with a range of motion that I haven't had in years. Thanks Greg.
Jim Hansen
Positive Rolfing Experience I enjoyed my Rolfing session and appreciated Greg's experience, wisdom, and healing hands. I put a reveiw on my running blog here: You could use any quote that you want if you like.
Massage by Gregg Gregg listens to what you have to say. He focused on the areas that I indicated needed the most work. The massage was just what I asked for especially the pressure I requested. I am a LMT as well so I am very picky about who I get a massage from. When I go to Gregg I know I will get an awesome massage.
Jacob Y
great place Bodywork's does a really good job and for for a good price I felt refreshed after leaving this great place. I would defiantly recommend this place to family and friends.
excellent Very clean. Very professional. I would recommend this to friends and family. online booking is a plus.
professional Relaxing, helpfull and professional experience. Gregg gave me tips how to continue to do my exercise. I would recommend this to others.
Elizabeth Pierce
A Wonderful Experience! Bedford Bodyworks provides a professional and relaxing environment. Gregg at Bedford Bodyworks was wonderful. During my massage he addressed the areas that we had discussed and I left relaxed as well as the knots and aches were gone and had been worked out. I highly recommend Bedford Bodyworks.
eiric marro
Bedford Bodyworks Outstanding work very professional Greg took the time to explain everything he was doing and why. Greg's knowledge and skill at applying it is paramount to how the Rolfing works.
Michael Huber
Very Impressed Very skilled soft tissue worker with excellent assessment skills. Displayed great understanding of where problems come from as well as an ability to cause a significant change. Gave immediate relief to my breathing issues caused by coughing for 2-3 weeks. Will recommend him to anyone looking for soft tissue relief.
Kerry Litka
Thorough and Professional Practice Greg at Bedford Bodyworks is a very knowledgeable and thorough practitioner. I knew prior to my appointment where some of my "problem areas" were, and he was able to determine the exact causes by doing a posture analysis using state of the art technology within the first 5 minutes of my consultation.
Dave Wheeler
best massage ever I had my best experience ever. I found Greg to be very friendly and caring. His knowledge of how to make my body feel more relaxed and increase my range of motion was surprising to me. The conversation we had during our time together helped me in other area too. A great experience. One I would highly recommend
Aggie S
I felt great! I am kind of person, always sit in front of my computer. My doctor told me last week, I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I was suffering from both my frozen shoulder, and painful in my wrist. I book a 45min Therapeutic with Greg. He did a great job on my shoulder, neck and arms. I felt awesome when I come out from the massage, no painful, no frozen, no numbness. I know CTS is not a matter of one day or two, but I believe the massages will help me to get well sooner.
Sussan C
The best I have ever seen I had a terrible pain in my right arm down to my palm and fingers and up to my shoulder. I almost had a surgery. After a few sessions with Gregg, the pain subsided and now is completely gone. I also used to have excruciating pain in my shoulders and lower back due to my job, sitting long hours in front of computers. I feel much better now.
Tom D
I'm glad I went! Greg reaffirms my belief in good rolfing technique, and gained alot of very helpful information and insights into the problems behind the painful symptoms I'm experiencing. I have recieve alot of treatment from different professionals and he gave me the most optimism in improving my pysical wellbeing.
Gwen B
Great experience Had my first visit with Gregg April 27th and was very pleased with the treatment. At no time during the treatment did I feel pain. He also gave me excellent advice on how to ease my neck discomfert when at home. Can't wait for my next appointment.
Jon m
Worth the trip Greg has taken me from severe pain to a comfortable level in only two visits. I have had clinical and spa massages all over the world and Greg is the most knowledgable and more importantly......effective.....!!!!!
Marc R
Massage As others said, great environment and Gregg knows what he is doing. We talked about my expectations and he met them. I wanted deep tissue, but not to the point that my body would work against the massage. I left relaxed and felt great. Will definitely come back.
Stephanie T
Massage I told Gregg what I wanted for a massage and that's exactly what he gave me! The massage was fantastic! Would recommend Bedford Bodyworks to friends and family.
Sue S
Great results Gregg assesd my problem area quickly and I had great results. I continued to feel better as the day went on. He gave me stretches and simple exercised to strengthen my weaker muscles. I plan to go back for an evaluation of my knee next week. I am very happy I found this therepist! I highly recommend Bedford Body Works.
Sussan C
Best Massage ever I have gone to over 20 Massage therapists in my life. Bedfors Bodyworks is by far the best ever. My back and shoulders have never felt so good; I have been without lower back pain since I started going there. I highly recommend it and have brought all my family members; young and old to Bedford Bodyworks. We don't go anywhere else and love our experience, even my dog loves to go with me, she always gets a mini massage and calming oils on her fur, which makes her fall sleep on the way home.
Best massage in years! Greg had a perfect read on what my muscles needed: some more tense & required more focused, others less so. This resulted in a perfectly balanced massage and honestly completely relaxed and stress free, which even extended into the next day! l will be visiting Bedford Bodyworks on a monthly basis from here on in!
Harvey G
Great Had a kink in my shoulder and it was really bothering me and I ended up having my shoulder worked on and massaged. Now it feels 100 percent better. Looking forward to going back again. Hopefully with this and a couple other trips, my shoulder will be back in wonderful working order. Thank you very much.
Caitlin D
Exceeded my expectations! I had such a wonderful experience with Greg. The online booking and confirmation email were extremely convenient. From the second I walked in the door I felt comfortable and relaxed. The colors were calming, the facility extremely clean, and the aromatherapy scents perfectly soothing. The massage itself felt incredible! Greg focused on some key areas and I was able to totally relax for the first time in about 6 weeks. It was amazing and I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
Lisa S
Upper back pain First I just wanted to say I LOVE the online booking! Also, when I walked in, I felt like I walked out of my busy hectic life and into calmness and pampering! I started out with the trial 30 minutes and quickly asked to stay for the hour. It was great, my therapist listened to me and worked on exactly what needed to be touched. I also love the fact they make the 30 mins massage more affordable then most places. I can now go more often because it's afforadable. Thank you!
Debra V
My neck was killing me I have knots in my neck and trap area -- Greg worked on it for an hour and afterwards I felt great. Before I walked in I had a headache and my neck and shoulders were aching. By the time I walked out I felt so much better.
Kim L
2yr neck pain - 85% better and still getting better I waited to write this review until I was 1005 sure my rolfing session was a success. A week ago I went to Greg for my first session. I have had neck muscle tightness for about 2 years. I have tried numberous chiropractors, massage therapists with some relief but never complete resolution. The tightness always crept back in. I am very happy to say that after my session last week - my neck has not felt this great for at least a year! Thanks Greg - I coming back for more!
brianna heitmann
Message Loved it will be back for another one next visit to new hampshire. I do a lot of gymnastics and she really concentrated on my legs which felt great.
Shelly L
Location and Professionalism I went for the first time for an introductory massage last week. I was greeted by the owner and he was very professional and the atmosphere was calming and relaxing. Katie was my LMT and she did a fantastic massage. I truly look forward to coming again. The prices amaze me at how affordable this is to take care of ourselves. Greg has a positive outlook and has created an oasis on earth. I also loved being able to book my appointment online. What a great feature! Very impressed!
Kyle Sidles
Very Impressed I am very impressed with the level of professionalism I experienced at Bedford Bodyworks. Their office space is beautiful and they do a great job of making you feel relaxed the second you walk in the door. I received a Rolfing treatment by Greg and was blown away by his knowledge and dedication to his craft. I would recommend Bedford Bodyworks to anyone looking for a true professional!
Tom Laurie
Get Well at Bedford Body Works I had never heard of Rolfing when I read about it on the Bedford Body Works web site. I am so glad that I signed up for the full program. After only two sessions I was walking better and I can now touch my toes for the first time in quite a few years. The interior abdominal massage really helped my posture by pulling in my stomach and straightening my back. Every time I complete a new session, some other part of my body starts working better. What part of my body will Greg work on next?
Paul P
Golf anyone? I've been working with Greg over the past two years on some chronic back issues after having seen a variety of physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. Treatments included a full series of Rolfing and massage therapy for periodic treatments. While I still suffer from back issues due to my sedentary occupation and some old injuries, Greg has helped me understand and improve my physical mechanics such that I gained 10-20 yards on my golf swing and had to adjust my club selection. I won't guarantee Greg will improve your golf game but his holistic approach has allowed me to get back to being my more active self. Try a few sessions and see for yourself.
Relief and hope I went to BBW for massage - Gregg spent time understanding my issue, suggested Rolfing, took time explaining in detail why and how, then spent an hour on Rolfing session. Impressed with his knowledge & ability to translate it- Most impressed by his genuine concern/care. Been a 2nd time, 3rd is booked! A great deal of relief/gained range of motion & have hope - no small thing! I recommend Gregg/Rolfing without hesitation & have. Thank You!
Kelly W
Excellent Results My first visit brought my shoulder and neck pain down from a 9 to about a 5, which, given my chronic pain history, is a huge success. I will be integrating massage into my bi-weekly self-care routine for sure! Gregg has a particular integrative approach that is perfect for dovetailing with my chiropractic adjustments. Do your body a favor and make an appointment.
David M
Massage Review of Liliane Daves Let me say that it was awesome... That you Liliane... :-)
I won't go anywhere else I happened to stumble upon Bedford Bodyworks last year while I was searching for a last minute massage to help with soreness from an injury. I usually just choose my massage by which place has an open spot, but not anymore. Liliane was extremely professional and really helped me with my soreness. I now see Liliane before and after any training to help me reduce soreness and recover quicker. Needless to say I have never gone anywhere since.
Taylor F
Great first time experience! Jeannine was great. She really listened to what my problem areas were and worked to resolve those issues. Will definitely be back!
Eylene D
relaxing massage went for the intro relaxation massage recently and I was very impressed- Greg was wonderful- Will definitely book another massage soon- I recommend Bedford bodyworks very highly
Sussan C
THE BEST I had carpel tunnel syndrome in my right arm and hand, needing a surgery I didn't want to go through with, but when I went to Gregg, he fixed it in less than 3 sessions. Then I had problem with my left foot (planner Fasciitis) that after several treatments and injections needed to have surgery. I went to Gregg and in a few appointments and exercises he gave me, it went away and I was so happy not to go through surgery. I highly recommend him and his techniques in fixing body ailments. Best, Sussan