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Happy New Year 2018 

Package Specials for January 2018
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3 Ozone Sauna sessions $99 Regular Price $150


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  • Packages

    While each of our services are stand alone services when combined the effectiveness increases and the price decreases.
    • PEMF, LIVE02, Ozone Sauna $125
      A Curatron 2000PC PEMF session followed by a Live02 session and Ozone Sauna session
      PMT120 add $30
      Curatron 3D add $15

    • Live02/PEMF $75
      does not include mask
  • Service consultation

    schedule a free consultation with Gregg or Sara to find out the best services to meet your needs.
    • Service Consultation Free
      a free 30 minute consultation to educate you on the services we provide and which might best for you.
    • Consultation/Intro service $50
      a 30 minute consultation with a mini session total 50 minutes
    • PEMF

      Please note having an electronic implant such as a pacemaker, electronic chip, etc is contraindicated and we will not do a PEMF treatment. 
      • PEMF $65
        Combining the technology of ringer type system of the PMT120  that uses 2 square waves simultaneously to carry the magnetic field directly to the cell at up to 20,000 gauss and the  power and the top of the The Ultra-Power Curatron 3-D system offers the highest PEMF power in combination with a 3-dimentional 50 milli Tesla high power full body mattress.
        The pulsed electromagnetic field completely envelopes and penetrates the whole body in all 3 axes (length, width and height). 
      • Ozone Sauna

Packages and Gift Certificates



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